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From the Caribbean!!

Larimar Ring #RI-401Larimar Ring #RI-401
Sphene #G-2305Sphene #G-2305

Out of this WORLD!

Meteorite Ring #MR-188Meteorite Ring #MR-188

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Florida Society of Goldsmiths

Loose Faceted Alexandrite Gemstones available at Best Cut Gems!

Alexandrite: Birthstone for June

Alexandrite is the color change variety of Chrysoberyl.  It appears bluish Green in daylight and purplish Red in incandescent light.  It was named after Czar Alexander II of Russia, as it was first found on his birthday. It has a hardness of 8.5 on the Mohs scale.  Alexandrite is a very durable gemstone.

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Alexandrite  #IT-319Alexandrite #IT-319Amazing Color Change Alexandrite!  Lab created, grown by the Czochralski method. Have the look of this exotic gem for a fraction of the cost. Impeccable color and clarity! Changes from Strong Purple with Peacock Blue undertones (daylight) to a Vibrant Reddish Purple (incandescent light.)  Synthetic Alexandrite has the same physical, chemical and optical properties as the natural. This gem has been custom faceted into a Rectangle with a checkered top. The color is Fabulous and the Clarity is Flawless! Custom faceted by Linda
Cats Eye Alexandrite  #G-2045Cats Eye Alexandrite #G-2045Rare Cats Eye Alexandrite from Russia!  Was so hard to capture the "eye" with the camera, much better and more pronounced in person. Very Slight color change.
Cats Eye Alexandrite  #G-2200Cats Eye Alexandrite #G-2200Rare Cats Eye Alexandrite Cabochon from Russia!  Was so hard to capture the "eye" with the camera, much better and more pronounced in person. Very Slight color change. This cab does have a fissure (blemish) inside it, but does not take away from the beauty of this stone.
Certificate of Gemstone IdentificationCertificate of Gemstone IdentificationDue to many customer requests I am now offering a Gemstone Identification Certificate.  This Gem Identification Certificate certifies that the gemstone described is genuine and with all the specifics of the gem. This document will certify the Species/ Variety of your gem, the Origin, Carat Weight, Color, Shape.....

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