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Amber #IT-1783Amber #IT-1783


Chrome Triplet 10X Loupe #38Chrome Triplet 10X Loupe #38

Member of the
Florida Society of Goldsmiths
Radiant Cut
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Aquamarine #G-2454Aquamarine #G-2454Fabulous color in this Blue Aquamarine from Mozambique!  Custom faceted into a radiant Emerald Cut.  Beautiful Blue flashes! Custom faceted by Ron. This gem does have some natural inclusions inside it so it is bargain priced.  Its all about the color in this gem!
Aquamarine #IT-1119Aquamarine #IT-1119Fabulous light Blue Aquamarine that has been custom faceted into a Radiant Rectangle design. Beautiful Blue flashes....
Blue Zircon Necklace #301Blue Zircon Necklace #301Natural Paraiba Blue Zircon, 3.01 carats, set into a rich 14KT Gold Pendant.  Superb color.  Rare and beautiful, this sparkling Blue Zircon is a natural gemstone with great beauty and brilliance. This Blue beauty can easily be mistaken for a far more expensive blue diamond because of this gems strong dispersion. (sparkles) Superb brilliance and dispersion, this Blue Zircon looks more like a diamond......
Butte Oregon Opal #IT-956Butte Oregon Opal #IT-956Depending on the light, this Opal will glow a soft blue color in other light a pinkish gold color! This gorgeous Opal comes from Opal Butte, Oregon An exceptional work of Nature. This gem has been custom faceted by a local master facetor and has been cut to perfection.......
Certificate of Gemstone IdentificationCertificate of Gemstone IdentificationDue to many customer requests I am now offering a Gemstone Identification Certificate.  This Gem Identification Certificate certifies that the gemstone described is genuine and with all the specifics of the gem. This document will certify the Species/ Variety of your gem, the Origin, Carat Weight, Color, Shape.....

Danburite #IT-1477Danburite #IT-1477Colorless Danburite! Crystal clear! 100% Natural!  Custom faceted into a Radiant design. Danburite is a durable gem that is ideal for jewelry. This gemstone is crystal clear....
Danburite #IT-1616Danburite #IT-16164.34 carats of Colorless Danburite!  Crystal clear!  100% Natural!  Custom faceted into a Radiant design. Danburite is a durable gem that is ideal for jewelry.  This gemstone is crystal clear....
Morganite #G-2444Morganite #G-24441.40 Carat Pink Morganite, custom faceted into a radiant design. This Morganite has the looks of a light Pink Diamond. Would make an awesome ring or pendant. Morganite is a pink colored beryl and in the same gem family as Emerald and Aquamarine. The dark spots in the picture are a reflection from the camera lens.  This gem does have a feather inclusion, this does not take away the beauty of this gem.  Custom faceted by Ron....
Natural Blue Topaz #IT-759Natural Blue Topaz #IT-759Fabulous Natural Pastel Blue Topaz that has been expertly faceted into a design called Radiant Pendeloque. Much prettier in person, so hard to capture the beauty and sparkles of this Topaz. It is faceted so brilliant, that the facets kept.....
Pink Cubic Zirconia #G-2076Pink Cubic Zirconia #G-2076Bright Pink Cubic Zirconia custom faceted into a square radiant cut. Also called CZ.  Have the looks of a Pink Diamond for a fraction of the cost!  Would make one gorgeous Ring or Pendant!
Pink Morganite #G-2488Pink Morganite #G-24885.07 Carats of Beautiful Pink Morganite!  Custom faceted into a Radiant design. This Morganite has the looks of a Pink Diamond. Would make an awesome ring or pendant....
Prasiolite - Green Quartz #G-2473Prasiolite - Green Quartz #G-24733.05 carat kiwi Green Prasiolite!  Custom faceted into a radiant rectangle design. Prasiolite, is also a green quartz. This gem has also been called Green Amethyst though it is actually Prasiolite - Green Quartz. Would make a gorgeous Ring or Pendant....
Sky Blue Topaz #G-2154Sky Blue Topaz #G-21546.04 carat Sky Blue Topaz that has been custom faceted into a fabulous Radiant Rectangle Cut. Sparkles galore.....
Sphene #G-2305Sphene #G-2305Sphene, a rare, beautiful, brilliant stone, with a diamond like luster and fire that is even greater than diamond!  A Neon Yellowish Lime Green Beauty to add to your gemstone collection! Fire galore! Custom faceted into a beautiful Radiant design.....
Yellow Apatite #G-2407Yellow Apatite #G-2407Rare Yellow Apatite! Yellow Apatite is rare as a faceted gem. This gem was custom faceted from a piece of rough mined in Mexico.  A very gemmy stone that has a wonderful Pastel Yellow color.  I faceted this into a Radiant Cut.  Custom faceted by Linda.
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