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Amber #IT-1783Amber #IT-1783


Chrome Triplet 10X Loupe #38Chrome Triplet 10X Loupe #38

Member of the
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Meteorite #IT-1230

Meteorite #IT-1230
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Genuine Meteorite that is the product of an asteroid that had a  collision with Earth nearly 50,000 years ago. The crater (Barringer Meteor Crater) it left is in the Diablo Canyon, in Conocino County, Arizona.  Add this Meteorite to your collection, it is simply out of this world!

In the 1880’s, sheepherders in Canyon Diablo, Arizona found the first known meteorites. This area is several miles west of Meteor Crater, which was known during those times as Coon Butte.  Meteor Crater, located about 20 miles west of Winslow, Arizona was regarded by most geologists as volcanic in origin until the 1950’s when geology graduate student Eugene Shoemaker began adding new studies and evidence to support the theories and pioneering work in the early 1900’s of Daniel Barringer.

Meteor Crater, now a national landmark, finally became the first impact crater on Earth generally recognized as such by the scientific community. Meteor Crater was created by the impact of an iron asteroid weighing several hundred thousand tons which approached at a relatively low angle and traveling at approximately 11 miles per second that figures to 40,000 miles an hour.

The asteroid disintegrated just prior to impact sometime around 50,000 years ago.  Thousands of pieces broke off the larger mass and scattered over the surrounding area. The crater it left is nearly a mile in diameter.  The explosion at the moment of impact is said to have been the equivalent of a 1.7megaton bomb.

Species / Variety: Meteorite
Country: Arizona, USA
Color: bronze/brown
Carat Weight: 34.8 Cts
Size: 14.6 X 10.2 MM  Depth: 10.8 MM

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