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I just had my latest order delivered.  The Zultanite is stunning, the Aquamarine is so pretty and the Tourmaline so rich.  

Caroline W. - Alberta Canada
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100% Natural!!!

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Moldavite Cabochon

Authentic Loose Moldavite Cabochon Gemstones!  So Beautiful! So Affordable!

Moldavite Jewelry

A Different Sort of Gemstone

gemstone moldaviteAny shopper with an interest in uncommon, signature pieces of gemstone jewelry will find Moldavite stones to be exceptional and well worth their attention. This semiprecious stone represents a unique blend of the beautiful and fascinating. Moldavite is actually a type of tektite, or naturally occurring glass with very low levels of water and volatiles within it. What causes it to be so much “purer” than other glass stones is that, unlike obsidians or volcanic glass, it is often formed by meteorites striking the earth and sending superheated debris flying. When the debris cools, the resulting material can be cut and crafted into any type of jewelry imaginable, from Moldavite necklaces to rings. There are numerous designs that can be made by pairing this gem with other stones for breathtaking combinations. Best Cut Gems offers Moldavite gemstones not only for their gorgeous appearance, but also for the amazing story the wearer will have to tell about the material’s extraterrestrial history.

Gemstones From Out of This World

Moldavite’s standing in the gemological field has been compared to a cult status, partly due to its being introduced outside of the more mainstream jewelry fashions. Regardless of its relative obscurity, what makes a Moldavite gemstone so appealing to connoisseurs and amateurs alike is the material’s versatility and the deep, translucent green shine of the stone. Shopping for this unique gemstone and finding the style that’s best suited for a specific individual couldn’t be easier, because Best Cut Gems offers Moldavite jewelry through their website for your convenience. In addition to Moldavite rings and loose faceted stones, the company also sells the tektite in the rough, and as a “power collection” set consisting of bath salts, fragrance oils, and incense. The fascinating properties and stunning appearance of this Moldavite jewelry makes it a bold, discerning choice for any potential buyer.

The Real Deal

moldavite ringsAs always, customers of Best Cut Gems can count on the same fine quality materials and attention to detail that sets the company apart from its competitors. With its Moldavite stones, Best Cut Gems continues its commitment to customer service by selling a complex, distinguished type of gemstone jewelry that further expands its inventory of amazing products. With our expert craftsmanship we can make Moldavite earrings, Moldavite pendants, etc. to your satisfaction. Best Cut Gems also offers a certificate of gemstone
identification to interested parties who have purchased stones individually or those embedded in a beautiful piece of jewelry. The document not only contains all the pertinent information regarding a gem’s carat weight, cut style, and origins, it also authenticates the purchase as the genuine article.

Excellence and Selection

Jewelry containing a Moldavite gemstone are certainly beautiful and enticing, but it’s also an ideal gift for the shopper with an eye for distinct and exceptional craftsmanship. Because of the material’s semiprecious nature, anyone hoping to find gorgeous products on a budget will be amazed by the richness and beauty of the Moldavite jewelry offered as a part of Best Cut Gems extensive inventory. Whether it's a Moldavite ring, pendant, or Moldavite earrings, Best Cut Gems has the custom piece you are looking for. As always, should you be dissatisfied in any way with your purchase, Best Cut Gems will refund you the price of your order if it is returned within five days.

Moldavite Cabochon

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