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I just had my latest order delivered.  The Zultanite is stunning, the Aquamarine is so pretty and the Tourmaline so rich.  

Caroline W. - Alberta Canada
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Ethiopian Opal #IT-1169Ethiopian Opal #IT-1169
Pink Morganite Ring #120Pink Morganite Ring #120

100% Natural!!!

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Ametrine Ring #RI-2188Ametrine Ring #RI-2188Ametrine Ring!  A BEAUTIFUL Faceted purple ametrine that shows a peek-a-boo golden color of citrine.  The golden color peeks out in the east and west side of the gem, but very subtley.  I custom faceted this Ametrine piece of rough into a Portuguese round with 145 facets and prong set into a .925 sterling silver Ring!  Beautiful silver design!...
Certificate of Gemstone IdentificationCertificate of Gemstone IdentificationDue to many customer requests I am now offering a Gemstone Identification Certificate.  This Gem Identification Certificate certifies that the gemstone described is genuine and with all the specifics of the gem. This document will certify the Species/ Variety of your gem, the Origin, Carat Weight, Color, Shape.....

Color Change Blue Garnet #IT-991Color Change Blue Garnet #IT-991RARE Blue Garnet! A Mysterious color change garnet! Color changes from purplish Blue in Daylight to purplish Pink under Incandescent lighting. Expertly faceted into a Portuguese Round, extra facets for more brilliance. Alexandrite Like!
Goshenite #G-2475Goshenite #G-24753.90 carat Colorless Goshenite. Custom faceted by Linda into a Portuguese Round.....
Mandarin Garnet #IT-300Mandarin Garnet #IT-300Bright Orange Crush Mandarin Garnet. Beautiful Gem faceted into a Portuguese round with 145 facets of sparkle! Picture is too dark, gem is lighter. This gem does have some minor silk, but the color wins you over. Custom Cut by Linda!
Pair of Malaya Garnets  #IT-466Pair of Malaya Garnets #IT-466A Perfect Matched Pair of Malaya Garnets ready to be set into earrings! Rich Deep Red with just a hint of orange. I custom cut this matching pair Portuguese rounds, to have loads of brilliance. 145 facets of brilliance.......
Pink Apatite #IT-315Pink Apatite #IT-315Ultra- Rare Pink Apatite! Pink Apatite is extremely rare as a faceted gem. This gem was custom faceted from a piece of rough mined in Pakistan. I was only able to acquire two pieces of this valuable rough. A very gemmy stone that has a wonderful Pastel Pink color. I faceted this into a Portuguese Round with 145 facets of sparkles! This gemstone has one feather (inclusion) that does not take away from its beauty.
Sunset Tourmaline  #IT-202Sunset Tourmaline #IT-202Golden orange to a rich burnt orange color. A beautiful faceted gem. Portuguese round with 145 facets! Custom cut by Linda.
Yellow Apatite #G-2403Yellow Apatite #G-2403Rare Yellow Apatite! Yellow Apatite is rare as a faceted gem. This gem was custom faceted from a piece of rough mined in Mexico.  A very gemmy stone that has a wonderful Pastel Yellow color. I faceted this into a Portuguese Round with 145 facets of sparkles! Custom faceted by Linda.
ZULTANITE #IT-914ZULTANITE #IT-914ZULTANITE!  One of the rarest, color change gems in the World!  Amazingly beautiful and mysterious, a 100% natural colored gemstone that has been expertly faceted into a modified Portuguese Round design. This exotic gem, a magnificent 1.03 carats is a work of art! Zultanite is a rare Diaspore gemstone has been oriented to maximize its color-change properties. Zultanite is breath taking to say the least. This rare gemstone will come with a Certificate of Authenticity direct from Zultanite!
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