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I just had my latest order delivered.  The Zultanite is stunning, the Aquamarine is so pretty and the Tourmaline so rich.  

Caroline W. - Alberta Canada
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Blue Zircon Necklace #301Blue Zircon Necklace #301

100% Natural!!!

Cuprite #G-2308Cuprite #G-2308

Member of the
Florida Society of Goldsmiths
Faceting Machine

Ultra Tec V-5 Classic Faceting Machines, Ultra Tec Fantasy Faceting Machines!  The World's finest faceting equipment and accessories!

The V5 Faceting Machine: Price $4,950.00

Ultra Tec V5 Classic Faceting Machine
Ultra Tec V5 Classic Faceting Machine

The price for just the V5 Head is $4,490.00

Ultra Tec V5 Faceting Head

The ULTRA TEC Faceting Machine lets you create beautiful gemstones -- of true perfection. In ULTRA TEC faceting, there's no mystery and no fancy mathematics -- but there is the magic of bringing forth the beauty hidden in rough gem material. As you facet one of the hundreds of published designs, or a unique design of your own, An ULTRA TEC Faceting Machine lets you do the job easily, and do it right--resulting in gems of maximum value -- cut properly, with maximum material yield.

Simply said the reason I chose an Ultra Tec Faceting Machine is because of the machine’s performance, quality, reputation and the factory lifetime warranty. I looked at many faceting machines before I decided to buy an Ultra Tec, but the other faceting machines out there just did not meet the standards of the Ultra Tec Faceting Machine.    We own two Ultra Tec Faceting Machines. You can see the results on our website.  My husband got the faceting addiction too! The Ultra Tec Faceting Machine has truly proven its ease of use and precise accuracy to me.   

Ultra Tec Faceting Machines have been in continuous production since 1965, other faceting machine companies have come and gone during that time, but the Ultra Tec Faceting Machine is still here, because it has withstood the test of time!  When you read The History of Ultra Tec Faceting Machines, you will understand why you too will buy an Ultra Tec Faceting Machine!  When you buy a faceting machine, make sure you buy one that is going to have, lifelong factory support. Buy an Ultra Tec Faceting Machine! 

If you would like to see how easy it is to facet a gemstone using an Ultra Tec Faceting Machine, Ron has produced a DVD showing you step by step how a gemstone is faceted on his Ultra Tec faceting machine.  He has many great tips for the beginner as well as the veteran facetor.  If you only learn one new technique it is worth the price of the DVD!  Be sure to order yours today!

Here is the Link to Order: Faceting a Gemstone DVD 

You may be asking yourself, if all Ultra Tec Representatives charge the same price, why should I buy from Best Cut Gems?  Simply put it's because of the great customer service that you will receive at Best Cut Gems!  We are also the only Ultra Tec Representatives to offer you our no added cost BCG Layaway Plan for purchasing your new Ultra Tec Faceting Machine!  We will also guide you in what options to order before you buy and you will get great support after the sale, and WE are the only ones that have the Stop Indicator Bracket!  These are all Best Cut Gems Exclusives!

Be sure to check out our Faceting Tips and Advice page.

*For the complete list of Ultra Tec Faceting Machines, Accessories and Current Prices click here!

Just let me know what you want from the list and I will promptly take care of your order for you.  I can get you the Ultra Tec faceting machine you need as well as cutting and polishing laps, extra dops, index gears, a saw kit, even replacement parts for an older machine.  

Please email me to place your order.  Master Card and Visa accepted. Discount coupons are not applicable.

*You may now take advantage of our no added cost Best Cut Gems Layaway Plan when you purchase your new Ultra Tec Faceting Machine from Best Cut Gems!   

If you have been thinking about an Ultra Tec Faceting Machine, now is the time!

Be sure to check out the  Stop Indicator Bracket! A Best Cut Gems Exclusive!

For all your Ultra Tec Faceting needs, be it a machine or any accessories contact me.

Price - V5D - $4,950.00**

V5 Head - $4,490.00**

Fantasy - $3,980**

  Don't settle for anything less!

Buy an Ultra Tec Faceting Machine!

**Prices subject to change without notice!  All Ultra-Tec Faceting Machine Representatives charge the same price, but we are the only one that offers you our, No Added Cost, BCG Layaway Plan and the Stop Indicator Bracket!

Best Cut Gems gives you great, before and after the sale, service also!!!

For more information, click on the links below!

Current list of all Ultra Tec faceting machines, accessories and prices

Faceting a Gemstone DVD

Faceting tips and advice

"When it came time for "Celtic Aura Gems" to buy a new faceting machine, I wanted to buy a machine from someone who uses the equipment that they sell.  Not only was "Best Cut Gems" the best choice, but the customer service, attention to detail and personal service was a welcome plus.
You guys really are the best, thanks again!
Edward Bentley
Celtic Aura Gems
Ithaca NY
Best Cut Gems, LLC, P. O. Box 640242, Beverly Hills, FL 34464  (269) 303-4414
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