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I just had my latest order delivered.  The Zultanite is stunning, the Aquamarine is so pretty and the Tourmaline so rich.  

Caroline W. - Alberta Canada
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Welcome to the Best Cut Gems Blog Spot!

This is the place where you can discuss your love and passion for gemstones and jewelry.  Tell others about your favorite gemstones or piece of jewelry, or ask questions.   All posts must be gemstone or jewelry related and will be reviewed to make sure that content is appropriate before being posted.  

  1. I am halfway finished faceting a beautiful Rutilated Quartz gemstone.  It has awesome golden rutiles running through this gem.  It is truly beautiful.  It will look great in a ring or a pendant.
  2. I have been considering doing a faceting webinar if anyone is interested.  I was thinking about covering random tidbits of information having to do with faceting.  If you are interested in joining in please let me know.  Just use this link:  Yes I want to join the webinar.
  3. I finished up the original Tourmaline that I was working on (everthing went well) and also cut another one.  I have also been working on an order for several custom faceted gems.  These gems are being faceted to fit some uncalibrated settings.  Some of these gems are ovals.  It can be a challenge but it is possible to tweak a design to be able to cut the gem to the desired size.  So far my customer has been extremely happy with the gemstones that I have been faceting for these odd settings.  Hopefully this continues.
  4. I had a slight set back on the new Tourmaline that I was working on.  It came of of the dop about halfway through the cutting process.  I had to re-dop it and start over.  It is just one of those unexpected things that happen occassionally.  I am now halfway done with it.  Hopefully the crown will go better than the pavillion.  I also have a special order for a 8.5 mm round brilliant Amethyst gem to facet for one of my regular customers.  Happy faceting.
  5. I have started faceting another Tourmaline.  I should have it done in a few days.
  6. I finished faceting both Tourmalines.  They both look amazing.  Both of them are 7 x 5 MM gems.  
  7. I am currently faceting a couple blue green Tourmalines.  Each one measures 7 x 5 MM and are absolutely stunning.  I hope to have them finished in the next few days.
  8. I set the beautiful Blue Topaz that Ron finished into a silver ring.  The finished gem weighed about 4 carats.  It is a 10 MM gem and the cut is amazing.  145 facets of pure beauty.  
  9. I finally finished faceting the Blue Topaz.  It is more or less a Portuguese cut.  It as 145 facets of pure beauty.  It measures 9.9 MM in size and will make a great ring or pendant.  
  10. I have a Blue Topaz that is now half finished.  It is a 10 MM round with 145 facets.  It will a be real looker when it is finished. 
  11. I finished up the Mexican Fire Opal that I had started.  It is a beautiful 5 x 5 MM cushion cut.

    I also faceted a beautiful 10 x 5 MM light blue Tourmaline.  It is in a checkerboard cut that turned out awesome.
  12. I am halfway finished with another Mexican Fire Opal.  I hope to have it completely finished today.  It is a 5 MM cushion cut gemstone with amazing color.
  13. It has been a hectic week but I finally finished the latest Mexican Fire Opal.  It is a 4 MM cushion cut.  The color is amazing.
  14. I am in the process of faceting another Mexican Fire Opal.  The first one sold before I even had it finished.  It really turned out beautiful!  Keep watch for the next one.
  15. I am in the process of faceting another Mexican Fire Opal.  I have it half finished. I hope to have it finished in the next few days if everything goes as planned.  It has very nice orangy color.  It will be a beautiful gem when finished.
  16. I also have a sister website that features more of my jewelry creations.  It is an Etsy store.  The name of it is DesignedbyLin.  Just click on the link and have a look at many of my other creations.
  17. I have also added more feature products to the home page for you to see at a glance.  Let me know how you like the new look.
  18. I have streamlined the looks of the website.  I have consolidated the jewelry pages into one page to make it easier to find what you are looking for.  I have also done the same thing with many of the gem knowledge articles and pages.  I believe that it will make it easier to find what you are looking for.  Let me know what you think.
  19. I am in the process of faceting some Mexican Fire Opals.  
  20. I have been busy updating the website.  I am in the process of giving it a more steamlined look.  So check back often to see the new changes.
  21. We have approved most of the wax models of the cow jewelry pieces.  We are now waiting to see the finished jewelry pieces.  I will keep you updated on the progress as soon as I see the results.  Hopefully this will be soon.  Ron and I are quite excited about this new venture as NOBODY is currently selling quality cow jewelry.  That is what prompted us to take on this project.
  22. We are currently reviewing more of the wax molds of the cow jewelry as the manufacturer has them ready.

    We are axiously waiting to see the finished products.

    Will keep you posted.
  23. We are in the process of approving the wax models of the new cow jewelry pieces.  Some of them needed a little tweaking.  We are getting excited about this new venture as there is currently no high quality fine cow jewelry in the market place.  Cow enthusiast the world over are finally going to be able to wear some nice high quality cow jewelry.  I can't wait for you to see what we have created for you.  I do believe you are going to love this unique new line of cow jewelry!
  24. Linda has designed an exclusive line of Cow Jewelry for you!  As you have read about Linda and her GIA Award you know that she was a Registered Jersey dairy farmer.  Even after all these years she still has that love of cows in her heart.  She started pencil sketching her cow jewelry designs soon after the sale of her beloved Jersey cows and now after all this time we have decided to bring her designs to life.  We have contracted fine jewelry artist and designer Peter Stone to manufacture her designs for you.  Finally cow lovers the world over will have a fine line of cow jewelry to wear.  These designs are available in Sterling Silver, 18 Karat heavy Gold Plated, or by special order 14 or 18  Karat solid Gold.  Some of these pieces have real Diamonds in the design as well.  You cow lovers are in for a real Cow Jewelry treat!  Coming Soon!!!
  25. Ron is starting to get caught up on faceting the new "Initial Gems".  They have been a big hit, with many orders.  Get yours now.
  26. Linda has accepted the invitation to be an instructor for Wubbers University.  She writes the column "Hot Rocks" for them.  It is an informative column about a variety of topics having to do with all types of gems and even rocks.  We hope you will enjoy the articles as we will be posting them on "Linda's Tidbits" page also.
  27. I have just finished faceting some new gems.  I have for you two new 10mm, Asscher cut gems, one an Asscher cut blue Topaz and the other an Asscher cut lavender Amethyst.  Linda cut a beautiful 10mm x 8mm Yellow Beryl into a design called "12 Board".  I also faceted an amazing 8mm x 6mm oval copper bearing Sunstone.  There are also some new "Initial Gems" that are being set into Silver Pendant settings.  The "Initial Gems" have been well received, so get yours today.
  28. I have just finished cutting a "G", an "R" and a "K" Initial Gems.  I am currently working on a "Y" and an "I" Initial Gems.  These gems are the ultimate personalized gift for you or someone you know.  If you are looking for a gem cut that is truly unique these are the real deal.  Linda has already set some of these Initial gems into Sterling Silver rings so that they are ready to wear.  If your have a request for one let me know as these gems are starting to be popular sellers.
  29. Ron has been busy cutting "Initial Gems" that have been custom ordered by our customers.  They are all commenting on how truly unique these gems are.  So if you are looking for a unique gift, for that special someone, consider an "Initial Gem".  They are beautiful!
  30. Due to many customer requests we are no accepting orders from France. Welcome to the Best Cut Gems family!
  31. We are now taking orders from Japan.  Welcome to the Best Cut Gems family!!
  32. We are now taking orders from Netherlands shoppers.  Welcome to the Best Cut Gems family!!! :-)
  33. Ron's Review of the Ultra Tec V5
    Faceting Machine 

    I finally upgraded my V2 Ultra Tec analog faceting machine to the new V5 configuration with the digital angle dial (DAD) some months back.  Unlike some in the faceting world that upgraded their machines as soon as the DAD and the V5 was introduced I waited.  Why?  Because quite frankly I was very happy with my V2 analog machine.  I had my V2 equipped with the stop indicator light/buzzer and was happy with the accuracy that I was achieving.  After using this setup for so many years I thought why rush into changing something that is working so good?  I finally made the decision to do the upgrade to both the V5 mast and the DAD this past fall.  I have been using it since and here is what I have discovered.

    New V5 design:

    The new Ultra Tec V5 faceting machine design with the heavier mast is more rigid and stable than the V2 configuration.  There doesn't seem to be as much variance in the meets as there was at times with the older V2, not that there was a lot, but some.  My meet points seem to come in much faster and easier with the V5.  I have especially noticed the added stability when cutting the steeper angles, 0 to 25 degrees.  And yes I have used it to cut the table on some of my designs that have a small table facet in the 0 degree angle setting with excellent results.  I still use the table adapter for designs with a larger table facet.  Just habit I guess.  

    The new design of the V5 vertical postion leadscrew and numbering system are nice too.  Up and down adjustments are now twice as fast as they were on the V2. A real time saver.  And it didn't sacrifice fine tuning accuracy either.  An other feature of the V5 is the numbering system on the side of the mast.  It starts at zero at the bottom of the mast and goes up.  The marks on the post are in centimeters and the markings between the numbers are millimeters.  Then on the adjusting nob on the top of the mast leadscrew those numbers represent tenths of a millimeter.  Ultra Tec's thought process in this design is that you can easily cut calibrated stones without having to rely on a caliper to get to the size you want.  I believe the Ultra Tec V5 is the only faceting machine that offers this feature!

    Digital Angle Dial (DAD): 

    The DAD is easier to use and a real time saver over the analog angle configuration.  The DAD lets you set your design angle to the hundreth of a degree instead of just to the tenth of a degree on the analog machine.  Is this really a big deal?  Probably not really but I have noticed that on some of the more complicated designs that I cut the meet points seem to come together easier.  And I have noticed that there is less chance of error when setting the design angle because you are setting the exact same angle number that the design calls for.  No more interpreting the angle to the nearest tenth of a degree.  It is just a lot easier to use to set the angle.

    Using the DAD instead of the Stop Indicator Light/buzzer (SIL):

    In my opinion the DAD is NOT a replacement for the SIL.  I have tried to use DAD for depth of cut but I found that I wasn't getting consistent results.  The DAD would be flickering between numbers and I was constantly over cutting and missing the meet points.  It was very frustrating!  I also have the SIL hooked up on my V5 and what I have noticed is that my SIL is dead on for the depth of cut.  As soon as I have a solid red light my meet points are spot on.  Much faster and much easier!  Period!  The DAD is nice to be able to tell where you are at when cutting in a facet, as you can see the angle going down.  But that is it.  I think that the DAD may be too sensitive, so that it is picking up the slight variations in the lap.  For depth of cut use the SIL!  Ultra Tec created a very accurate tool when they created the SIL as it is said to be accurate to .0001 inch, which is very accurate.  The DAD and the SIL should still be used together, not just either or.


    Ultra Tec still makes the best faceting machines available.  The V5 upgrade with the DAD was well worth the money that I spent and I am happy that I did it.  Is the V2 still a good faceting machine?  You bet!  It is still probably better than the competition, but it isn't as great as the V5.  If you have a V2, upgrade to the V5 if you can afford it.  You won't be sorry.  If you are in the market for a new faceting machine buy a V5, if not a V5, buy a V2 and upgrade later.  They are both great faceting machines.

    Have fun faceting!!

    Ron McMurray    May 8, 2013

  34. I just received an new shipment of rough to cut including Citrine, Blue Topaz and Prasiolite.  Look for some new "Initial" gems in these new materials.
  35. Have you ever wanted a faceted gemstone with your first Initial faceted into the design?  If so I am now cutting gems with the letters of the alphabet designed into the gemstone.  I have available so far some beautiful Malaya Garnets with the letters "L", "A", "M" (or "W") faceted right into the gemstone.  As far as I know Best Cut Gems is the only place that you will find these beautiful and unique gems.  If you have an "Initial" request please let me know.
  36. We are now shipping to Finland at the request of many customers.
  37. I have been busy putting new items on the website!   Check out the New Arrivals.  Here are just some of the gemstones she added:  3 gorgeous and rare to find Faceted Amber!  The prettiest color of Paraiba Blue Apatite I have seen in a long time, great clarity, so hard to find eye clean.  Very scarce Mint Green Herderite and almost unheard of “Heart Shape” Pink Morganite!

    Colorless Topaz Snowflakes!  Just arrived from Canada, breathtaking Snowflakes!  This custom faceted design is owned and faceted by Master faceter Rudi Wobito.  I only have 4 of these superb gems.  Take advantage of our layaway with 10% down to lock in to this unique gemstone.

    Australian Opal Bead Necklaces!  Straight from the outback, Australian Boulder Opal.  Check out these beauties, many with Rainbow Colors.  All are different and there is only one of each because they are all custom made.  There are some strands with color gemstone bead accents, some with flashes of rainbow color, some with a soft glow; all necklaces have Sterling Silver components.

    About Boulder Opal:
    Boulder Opal is the second most prized form of opal, after black opal. The name derives from the fact that boulder opal is found embedded in ironstone boulders. The opal usually forms as thin veins within these boulders, and most stones are cut to include some of the host ironstone matrix. Boulder opal is sometimes referred to as opal in matrix for this reason. Boulder opal is especially attractive because, like the black opal, it has a dark body tone which adds vibrancy to the play of color. Boulder opal also has a higher density because of the ironstone content, and can be more durable as well.

    Email us if you want to Layaway a gem, gems or jewelry.  Email me the Item # and I will send you instructions on how to make payments.   We make it easy and there is no interest or fees.

    The Initial Gemstones are in the works!  Have a personalized and very exclusive gemstone to create a one of a kind ring or pendant.  Ron has been faceting up a storm!  He is creating custom faceted gems with your initial worked into the top facets!  I will soon have them up on the website.  Email Ron if you want a special Initial custom faceted into a gemstone.

    Watch for the Special on Titanium Tweezers at an unheard of discount price!
    Coming soon:  Mint Green Sunstone, gorgeous Red Sunstone and Fordite!  :-)
  38. The Asscher cut Labradorite is finished.  Linda should have it on the website for you soon.
  39. I have added some rare faceted Amber.  They are awesome.
  40. I am half way done cutting an Asscher cut Labradorite.  I hope to have time to finish it today.
  41. I have added several new loose gemstones to the New Arrivals page.  The are several new Amethysts, Ametrines, Morganites and Prasiolites.  I have also added a couple new Rutilated Quartz cabs, a Peridot, a Golden Labradorite and some hard to find blue Moonstones.  There are many more loose gemstones coming.
  42. We are now taking orders from our friends in Denmark.  Welcome to the Best Cut Gems family!
  43. I am busy taking pictures of the many new gemstones that will be added to the website in the coming weeks.  I have some real beauties coming.
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