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I just had my latest order delivered.  The Zultanite is stunning, the Aquamarine is so pretty and the Tourmaline so rich.  

Caroline W. - Alberta Canada
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100% Natural!!!

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Questions About Faceting

Do you have questions about faceting gemstones?  Here are answers to many of the the most common questions that I receive.

Questions You May Have About Faceting

 The following are some of the most common questions that we receive about faceting.

What are the steps involved in faceting a gemstone?

To best answer this I suggest that you purchase our DVD "Faceting A Gemstone".  The DVD lets you watch the process of a gemstone being faceted (cutting a gemstone).  It has many tips for the beginner or even the more experienced facetor. 

Is faceting something that my whole family will want to be involved in?

If you or your family members like to create things and work with your hands, then the answer is yes.  Faceting is a very rewarding and I like to say very addicting. (but unlike tobacco, drugs or alcohol, there is no cure needed :-) )

Is faceting something that I will be able to do for a lifetime hobby?

Yes!  Unlike many sports and hobbies, where you are going to get to "old" to participate, faceting is something that you should be able to do well into your "golden years".

Does faceting take up a lot of room?

No!  A faceting machine won't take up any more space than you would probably use for a desk top computer.  We have ours' on 2' x 4' portable tables.

What do you do with the waste water that is generated from faceting?

We use ours to water plants, as we have found that they seem to like the extra minerals and nutrients that they're getting.

Should I buy all of the "bells and whistles" at once?

I always tell my customers to start with the basics (the Ultra Tec faceting machine, the basic accessories and some basic laps), then as you get going you will have a better handle on the things that you need and the things that you want.  Plus if you have any questions about what need you can always email us and we can guide you.

Should I buy an Ultra Tec faceting machine?

Yes!!  The advantages of buying an Ultra Tec faceting machine are, that it has great accuracy and reliabilty and in my opinion it is very user friendly.  Plus it comes with a lifetime factory warranty and it will have factory support.  If your faceting machine is easy and fun to use, you will use it more often, and in my opinion you will get more return for your money because of it.   Some people seem to think that when they are just getting started faceting gemstones that they should start out with a cheap faceting machine.  In my opinion, this way of thinking is completely wrong!  If you buy a machine that isn't user friendly you probably won't use it, thus it will not be a good investment.  How can you think, that if you buy a cheap faceting machine, that you are going to be getting the same quality and reliability and durability of an Ultra Tec faceting machine.  It just isn't going to happen.  I am sure everyone has heard the saying of "you get what you pay for", when it comes to faceting machines this is certainly true!  Invest in an Ultra Tec faceting machine when you first start faceting gemstones and you will be faceting gemstones on it for life!  You save money when you buy quality the first time!  Buy an Ultra Tec faceting machine first and you will save the time and money of buying and selling cheap faceting machines.

While other faceting machine companies have been going out of business, Ultra Tec is still very committed to being the leader in the faceting machine industry.  They have in just the last few years, been busy updating existing faceting machines as well as developing new faceting machines.  Ultra Tec has, introduced a Concave faceting machine, a Fantasy faceting machine, and the V5 faceting machine, which is a beefed up version of the very already very reliable V2 model. They also developed a very accurate and reliable digital angle dial for Ultra Tec faceting machines.  Ultra Tec has more faceting machine options for you than any other company that I  know of.  The choice is clear, buy an Ultra Tec!  You won’t be sorry.  

I hope these questions and answers have helped you in your decision to purchase a faceting machine.

The following link will take you to a PDF file, written by Joe Rubin, the owner of Ultra Tec Mfg., it is some of the questions that he has been asked, over the years, about faceting.  I hope this helps also.

  Questions You May Have Had About Faceting


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