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I just had my latest order delivered.  The Zultanite is stunning, the Aquamarine is so pretty and the Tourmaline so rich.  

Caroline W. - Alberta Canada
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Ethiopian Opal #IT-1169Ethiopian Opal #IT-1169
Pink Morganite Ring #120Pink Morganite Ring #120

100% Natural!!!

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Florida Society of Goldsmiths
Ron's E Books

Ron's first E Book is loaded with valuable information for the first time land buyer!  He explains how to shop for your first piece of rural property and how to do your own excavating.

Ron's How-To Books

Before I started faceting gems I was actively involved in the building trades.  I was a licensed builder for 20 years and I was a heavy equipment operator for 35 years.  I spent thousands of hours every year operating a bulldozer.  I also operated a wide variety of other types of heavy equipment as well.  I have worked in many different types of soil and in all weather conditions. 

I have written this first book because I have seen far to many people making the same costly mistakes when shopping for their place in the country.  There have been several books written about real estate but I haven't seen very many that address the issues of what to be aware of when shopping for that first piece of rural property.  If you know what to look for and what to avoid when buying your place in the country you can save yourself a lot of problems and money. 

I also given you pointers and tips about doing your own excavating and site work.  Everything from building layout to the final grade.  This book will also help you if you decide to hire an excavating contractor.  It will also help you when buying an existing home.  Don't end up buying problems!

I am going to be writing more books on a variety of subjects that I have experience with as well.  More often than not having access to some good knowledge from someone that has already "been there done that" can be a big help before starting any project.  

Ron's E Books

How To Shop For Your First Piece of Rural Real Estate and How To Do Your Own ExcavatingHow To Shop For Your First Piece of Rural Real Estate and How To Do Your Own ExcavatingThis book will guide you in what to look for before you buy your place in the country.  I tell you what to be aware of whether you are buying vacant land or an existing home.  Plus tips on how to do Your Own Excavating and what to be aware of if you are hiring an excavating contractor.  I will help to avoid the common, and quite often costly, mistakes that other people have made.  If you do the right research when shopping for your first piece of rural real estate you will know what to look for and what questions to ask.  A home or real estate purchase is quite often the largest purchase you will ever make in your life.  Make sure that you don't find out after the fact that you have made a costly mistake after the sale. 86 Pages.

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