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I just had my latest order delivered.  The Zultanite is stunning, the Aquamarine is so pretty and the Tourmaline so rich.  

Caroline W. - Alberta Canada
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Ethiopian Opal #IT-1169Ethiopian Opal #IT-1169
Pink Morganite Ring #120Pink Morganite Ring #120

100% Natural!!!

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Loose Faceted Topaz Gemstones available from Best Cut Gems!

Topaz:  Birthstone for November, Sagittarius;  Blue Topaz - 4th Wedding Anniversary Gemstone

Topaz is a mineral species.  The color of Topaz can be orange, yellow, brown, colorless, pink to red, blue and light green.  Topaz has a hardness of 8 on the Mohs scale.

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"P" Initial Blue Topaz Ring #GRI-1854"P" Initial Blue Topaz Ring #GRI-1854Want something different?  You will not find these initial rings or initial gemstones anywhere but here! Watch the video to get the full beauty of this personalized ring.  This gorgeous gem is set into a ring that is .925 Sterling Silver.  A personalized gemstone with your Initial faceted into the top (crown.)   Ron can facet any letter of the alphabet for you.....
Blue Topaz #G-2004Blue Topaz #G-2004Fabulous 5.16 carat Blue Topaz that Ron custom faceted into a beautiful Asscher Cut.  Rich Blue color with bright Blue flashes!  Custom faceted by Ron....
Blue Topaz #G-2319Blue Topaz #G-2319Fabulous 3.74 carat Blue Topaz that Ron custom faceted into a beautiful Sweetheart design.  Rich Blue color with bright Blue flashes!  Custom faceted by Ron.  There is NO darkness in this gemstone, it picked up the darkness from the background used to photograph.  This gem is bright sky Blue with sky Blue flashes.
Blue Topaz #G-2322Blue Topaz #G-2322Fabulous 7.30 carat Blue Topaz that Ron custom faceted into a beautiful round design.  Rich Blue color with bright Blue flashes!  Custom faceted by Ron.....
Blue Topaz #G-2324Blue Topaz #G-2324Fabulous 7.74 carat Blue Topaz that Ron custom faceted into a beautiful Sweetheart design.  Rich Blue color with bright Blue flashes!  Custom faceted by Ron....
Blue Topaz #G-2376Blue Topaz #G-2376Here is something very special!  A Cat faceted into a gemstone! 4.78 carat Blue Topaz!  Custom faceted into a design called the "Cheshire Cat"   Ron frosted some of the facets in this gem to have a cat appear in the center.  A cat inside a gem.  How different is that!   The gem is not dark, I had to darken the picture for the camera to capture the cat.  When the gemstone is in natural light you can really see the cat face.....
Blue Topaz #IT-1110Blue Topaz #IT-1110Sky Blue Topaz that has been custom faceted into a concave round design called the "Vortex Round." Hard to capture the brilliance with a camera, there is no white in this Blue Topaz. This gemstone is much brighter and bluer.....
BLUE TOPAZ SNOWFLAKE #G-2338BLUE TOPAZ SNOWFLAKE #G-2338Blue Topaz Snowflake! Watch the video on the incredible faceting of this beautiful gemstone below. You have to see this gemstone in your hand for yourself!  The faceting is impeccable!  I guarantee you have seen nothing like this Snowflake Design. The brilliance and sparkles are incredible!  The pictures do not do this exquisite Snowflake gem  justice.  A 100% natural Blue Topaz gemstone that has been expertly faceted into a design called the "Snowflake."  Master Cutter Rudi Wobito custom faceted this exotic gem into a work of art!  Rudi carefully oriented this gemstone....
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